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The Design Kit: Unleash Your
Creative Vision with Expert Guidance
Fashion Design Studio

The Design Kit, your essential companion for turning your fashion dreams into reality. Whether you're a budding designer or an experienced creator, our Design Kit provides the comprehensive support and expertise you need to bring your ideas to life and create exceptional apparel collections.

Charcoal Drawing

Fashion Design 

Our process begins by understanding your vision and gathering inspiration. We encourage clients to share their beginner sketches, mood boards, and reference images to provide a foundation for our collaboration. These initial ideas act as a starting point for our experienced fashion designers, who will work closely with you to refine and develop your concepts.

Tech Pack Development

Tech packs are essential documents that provide manufacturers with detailed instructions on how to produce your garments. Our experienced team can create comprehensive tech packs that include measurements, materials, trims, construction details, and any specific design requirements. This ensures that your production runs smoothly and reduces the risk of errors or miscommunication.

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It starts with a sketch, an inspiration image, or mood board. 
We will build out your design ideas into a full collection

Turn your ideas into design tech packs, patterns, and physical samples.


From fabric direction, grading, to fit testing, and production order weve got you coverd

Eco-friendly and sustainable fabric choices. Align your brand with ethical practices

We help you get your apparel ready for production orders so you can start selling! 

steps to launch an apparel brand

With the ApparelKit Design Kit, you'll gain access to a range of services and resources tailored to your specific design requirements. Let's explore what our Design Kit has to offer:

1. Dedicated Designer:

Collaborate with a dedicated designer who will work closely with you throughout the design process. Our experienced designers are passionate about helping you refine your vision, providing personalized guidance, and ensuring your collection reflects your unique style and brand identity.

2. Design Kick-Off Meeting:

Embark on your design journey with a one-on-one kick-off meeting. This interactive session allows us to understand your design objectives, target audience, and creative direction. We'll delve into the details of your project to ensure a clear and aligned vision from the start.

3. Fashion Design:

Watch your ideas come to life as our talented designers translate your vision into captivating fashion designs. With meticulous attention to detail, we create custom sketches and illustrations that capture your unique aesthetic and showcase the essence of your collection.

4. Fabric Direction:

Selecting the perfect fabric is crucial to the success of your collection. Our design experts provide fabric direction, guiding you through the selection process based on your design requirements, desired textures, patterns, and color palettes. We'll help you source fabrics that elevate your designs and bring your vision to reality.

5. 3D Mock-Up:

Experience your designs in a three-dimensional virtual space with our cutting-edge 3D mock-up service. This advanced technology allows you to visualize and refine your garments before investing in physical prototypes, saving time and costs while ensuring a precise representation of your designs.

6. Tech Pack:

Ensure accuracy and efficiency in the production process with our comprehensive tech packs. Our team creates detailed technical specifications that include measurements, materials, construction details, and more. These essential documents serve as a guide for manufacturers, ensuring your designs are executed flawlessly.

7. Digital Pattern:

Leverage the power of digital technology with our digital pattern services. Our skilled pattern makers use industry-leading software to create precise digital patterns tailored to your design specifications. Digital patterns streamline the production process, allowing for easier adjustments, grading, and production scalability.

When you choose the ApparelKit Design Kit, you gain access to a team of experienced professionals dedicated to bringing your creative vision to life. We provide the expertise, guidance, and resources necessary to make your design journey smooth and successful.

FAQ's - The Design Kit

Here are some commonly asked questions about our ApparelKit Design Kit. If you have any additional queries, please feel free to reach out to our team for further assistance. 1. What is the ApparelKit Design Kit? The ApparelKit Design Kit is a comprehensive package that offers a range of services and resources to support fashion designers and creators in their apparel development journey. It includes dedicated designer assistance, design kick-off meetings, fashion design services, fabric direction, 3D mock-ups, tech packs, and digital patterns. 2. How can the Design Kit benefit me? The Design Kit provides you with the necessary tools and expertise to bring your design concepts to life. With a dedicated designer, you'll receive personalized guidance and support throughout the design process. Our services, such as fashion design, fabric direction, and 3D mock-ups, help you visualize and refine your designs before moving into the production phase. 3. How does the Design Kit work? Once you choose the Design Kit, our team will assign a dedicated designer who will collaborate with you closely. We will conduct a design kick-off meeting to understand your vision, style preferences, and design requirements. The designer will then work on translating your ideas into detailed fashion designs, incorporating fabric direction and creating 3D mock-ups. Finally, you'll receive tech packs and digital patterns that serve as essential guidelines for production. 4. How long does the design process take with the Design Kit? The duration of the design process can vary depending on the complexity of your project and the number of designs involved. However, our team strives to work efficiently to ensure timely delivery. Your dedicated designer will provide you with a timeline tailored to your specific project during the design kick-off meeting. 5. Can I provide my own design sketches and ideas? Absolutely! We encourage you to share any design sketches, inspiration, or ideas you may have. Your dedicated designer will work closely with you to understand your vision and incorporate your unique style into the final designs. 6. What is included in the tech pack? The tech pack is a comprehensive document that includes all the technical specifications necessary for garment production. It typically includes detailed flat sketches, measurements, material specifications, construction details, and any additional notes or instructions required to bring your designs to life. 7. Can I make revisions to the designs during the process? Yes, we understand that design iterations are a natural part of the creative process. Your dedicated designer will collaborate with you and accommodate reasonable design revisions to ensure your satisfaction. However, please note that extensive revisions beyond the scope of the original agreement may incur additional costs. 8. Can I use the digital patterns for production? Yes, the digital patterns provided in the Design Kit are ready to be utilized for production. They are industry-standard patterns that can be shared with manufacturers for garment production. These digital patterns offer convenience and accuracy in the manufacturing process. 9. Can I request specific fabric recommendations? Certainly! Our fabric direction service is designed to assist you in selecting appropriate fabrics for your designs. During the design kick-off meeting, you can discuss your preferences, and our team will provide fabric recommendations based on your design aesthetic, functionality, and budget. 10. How can I get started with the Design Kit? To get started with the Design Kit, simply visit our website at and follow the instructions to sign up. Once you have subscribed to the Design Kit, our team will promptly reach out to you to initiate the process and assign a dedicated designer to your project. We hope these FAQs have provided clarity regarding our ApparelKit Design Kit. If you have any further questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at or through our website's live chat feature. We are here to assist you throughout your apparel development journey and help make it a seamless and enjoyable experience. Get started with the ApparelKit Design Kit today and unlock the potential of your fashion designs! Please note that the FAQs provided above are for the Design Kit specifically. If you have any questions related to our other services or kits, such as the Sampling Kit, please refer to the respective FAQs or reach out to our team for detailed information. We look forward to partnering with you and bringing your fashion ideas to life with the ApparelKit Design Kit. Let's create something extraordinary together!

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