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Profitable Apparel Launches – Your Vision, Our Expertise

How to Get Samples Made for Your Apparel Collection

When launching your apparel collection, getting samples made is a crucial step to ensure the designs are translated from concept to reality. Sampling allows you to test the fit, fabric, and overall design before moving into production. Whether you're a seasoned designer or a newcomer to the fashion industry, the sampling process can be both exciting and overwhelming. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps to get high-quality samples for your apparel line.

activewear apparel sample drawing

1. Define Your Design

Before diving into the sampling process, have a clear vision of your designs. Create detailed sketches or tech packs that include information about measurements, materials, colors, and finishes. Having well-defined designs will help manufacturers understand your requirements and produce accurate samples.

2. Consult with ApparelKit

ApparelKit offers valuable resources and expertise to guide you through the entire sampling process. Their team of experts can provide you and your team designs and tech packs, providing valuable feedback and recommendations to optimize your samples.

3. Choose the Right Manufacturer

Selecting the right manufacturer is vital for successful sample production. Look for a manufacturer that specializes in your product category and has experience in creating similar designs. ApparelKit, a leading apparel development agency with manufacturing capabilities in NYC, LA, and overseas and can help match you with the best-suited manufacturers for your project.

4. Sampling Materials

Decide on the fabrics and materials you want to use for your samples. ApparelKit has access to a wide range of sustainable, eco-friendly, and premium-quality materials that align with your brand's values.

5. Request Proto Samples

Proto samples are the initial samples made by the manufacturer based on your design and tech packs. These samples are essential for evaluating the overall look, fit, and feel of your apparel. ApparelKit can facilitate the production of proto samples, ensuring they meet your expectations.

6. Review and Revise

Once you receive the proto samples, thoroughly review each aspect of the garment. Evaluate the fit, fabric quality, construction, and overall aesthetics. Provide detailed feedback to the manufacturer, and if necessary, request revisions to achieve the desired outcome.

7. Fit Testing

Perform fit testing on different body types to ensure that your apparel fits well and is comfortable for various customers. ApparelKit can assist in coordinating fit testing to ensure your designs cater to a diverse audience.

8. Finalizing Samples

Work closely with the manufacturer and ApparelKit to finalize the samples. Once you are satisfied with the design, fit, and quality, the samples are ready to be used as references for mass production.

9. Prepare for Production

With approved samples, you can now proceed to full-scale production. ApparelKit can help streamline the production process and provide guidance on costings and minimum order quantities.

10. Launch Your Collection

Congratulations! With your high-quality samples and efficient production process, you are now ready to launch your apparel collection and bring your designs to the market.

Remember, the sampling stage is an opportunity to fine-tune your designs and ensure your apparel meets your customers' expectations. By working with ApparelKit, you can benefit from their expertise and industry connections, making the sampling process smoother and more successful. Get started today and turn your apparel dreams into reality!

Do I Need a Reference Garment?

Having a reference garment can be immensely helpful during the sampling process, especially if you are trying to replicate an existing design or improve upon an existing garment. A reference garment is a physical sample of an apparel item that you already own or have purchased, and it serves as a guide for manufacturers to understand the style, fit, and construction you desire.

Advantages of Using a Reference Garment:

  1. Clarity in Design: A reference garment provides clear visual cues to the manufacturer, reducing the chances of miscommunication or misunderstandings. It ensures that both you and the manufacturer are on the same page regarding the desired outcome.

  2. Fit and Proportions: If you have a reference garment that fits you perfectly or aligns with your brand's sizing standards, it can serve as a template for creating patterns and grading sizes for your new designs.

  3. Material and Finishing: By having a physical sample in hand, you can examine the fabric, stitching, and finishing details of the reference garment, helping you make informed decisions about the materials you want to use for your samples.

  4. Time and Cost-Efficient: Having a reference garment can potentially save time and money in the sampling process. It can reduce the number of iterations required to achieve the desired result, leading to quicker and more accurate samples.

When to Use a Reference Garment:

  1. Replicating Designs: If you have a garment you love and want to create a similar style with minor modifications, a reference garment will be highly beneficial for the manufacturer to understand your design vision.

  2. Improving Fit: If you already have a well-fitting garment, you can provide it as a sample to ensure that the new designs have a similar fit and proportions.

  3. Upcycling or Redesigning: When upcycling existing garments or redesigning vintage pieces, a reference garment can serve as a foundation for your new designs.

What if You Don't Have a Reference Garment?

While having a reference garment can be advantageous, it is not always necessary, especially if you are creating entirely new designs or have detailed sketches and tech packs. In such cases, detailed illustrations, measurements, and descriptions in your tech packs can effectively communicate your vision to the manufacturer.

If you are starting from scratch, don't worry! ApparelKit can assist you in every step of the sampling process, even if you don't have a reference garment. Their team of experts can help you create detailed tech packs, select appropriate materials, and ensure that your designs are accurately translated into high-quality samples.

Whether you have a reference garment or not, ApparelKit's specialized services and extensive network of manufacturers in NYC and LA can help you bring your apparel collection to life with precision and excellence. Don't hesitate to reach out and embark on your journey to a successful and fashionable apparel line!


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How it all started

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It all started with a swollen face and a sewing machine.

While recovering from just having had my wisdom teeth removed, with two bulky ice packs bandaged around my expanding cheeks, I fell in love with sewing.

From that moment on a fire was lit within me, and I would never see my world the same. 


Fast forward years later and suddenly I woke up in a corporate cubicle, staring at an excel spreadsheet, and trying really hard to be someone I wasn’t. Like REALLY HARD.


But as the years went on, my desire to sew & create continued to grow. And yet I continued to try on different personas and search for that perfect position within the corporate world that would fulfill me. 


Then finally it hit me. I realized that I was never going to find that dream position in the corporate world. I had to create it. 

So with just a small whisper of a belief that it just MIGHT be possible for me to start my own business, and live life on my own terms, I quit my stable corporate job. 


I had such little belief in myself that during my exit interview I even said to my boss, “if my business doesn’t work out within the next few months, will you take me back?” How sad!


Thankfully I quickly realized that listening to that small whisper within, and betting on myself, was (and still is) the absolute BEST decision I could have ever made.  


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