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What You Need to Get Samples for Your Apparel Collection

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Launching your own apparel collection is an exciting endeavor, and one of the crucial steps in the development process is creating samples. Samples allow you to assess the fit, functionality, and overall aesthetic of your designs before moving forward with production. To ensure a smooth sampling process, here's a checklist of what you need:

1. Design Concept and Sketches

Begin by having a clear vision of your design concept. Create detailed sketches that showcase the silhouette, key features, and any unique elements of each garment. These sketches will serve as the foundation for bringing your designs to life.

2. Tech Packs

Tech packs are essential documents that provide detailed instructions for manufacturers to follow. They include information such as measurements, materials, construction details, and trims. Collaborate with a professional fashion designer or apparel development agency to create accurate and comprehensive tech packs that capture every aspect of your designs.

3. Fabric and Material Selection

Choose the fabrics and materials that best align with your vision and intended functionality of the garments. Consider factors such as comfort, durability, and sustainability. Work closely with your suppliers or sourcing experts to ensure the availability of the chosen fabrics for sampling purposes.

4. Sourcing and Manufacturing Partners

Establish relationships with reliable sourcing and manufacturing partners who can bring your designs to life. Research and identify manufacturers who specialize in the type of garments you are developing. Look for partners who have experience working with similar materials, styles, and production quantities.

5. Clear Communication and Collaboration

Maintain open and effective communication with your manufacturing partners. Clearly communicate your expectations and requirements, including specific details about the samples you need. Collaborate closely with them to address any questions or concerns and ensure that they understand your design intentions.

6. Budget and Timeline

Have a realistic budget and timeline in place for the sampling phase. Understand that creating samples involves costs for materials, labor, and shipping. Consider the complexity of your designs and the number of samples required when setting your budget. Discuss the timeline with your manufacturing partners to ensure alignment with their production schedule.

7. Patience and Flexibility

Sampling is an iterative process, and it may require multiple rounds of adjustments and revisions to achieve the desired outcome. Be patient and open to feedback and suggestions from your manufacturing partners. Stay flexible and willing to make necessary modifications to improve the fit, quality, or design elements of your garments.

ApparelKit, an apparel development agency with manufacturing capabilities in New York City and Los Angeles, specializes in guiding brands through the entire apparel development process, including sampling. Their team of experienced professionals understands the intricacies of creating samples and can assist you in translating your designs into tangible garments.

By following these steps and having all the necessary components in place, you can embark on the sampling phase of your apparel collection with confidence. Samples not only allow you to fine-tune your designs but also serve as a tangible representation of your brand's vision and quality standards.

Remember, working with experienced professionals, such as fashion designers and apparel development agencies like ApparelKit, can greatly facilitate the sampling process and help you navigate the complexities of bringing your designs to life.

Good luck on your apparel collection journey!


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How it all started

Screenshot 2023-09-11 at

It all started with a swollen face and a sewing machine.

While recovering from just having had my wisdom teeth removed, with two bulky ice packs bandaged around my expanding cheeks, I fell in love with sewing.

From that moment on a fire was lit within me, and I would never see my world the same. 


Fast forward years later and suddenly I woke up in a corporate cubicle, staring at an excel spreadsheet, and trying really hard to be someone I wasn’t. Like REALLY HARD.


But as the years went on, my desire to sew & create continued to grow. And yet I continued to try on different personas and search for that perfect position within the corporate world that would fulfill me. 


Then finally it hit me. I realized that I was never going to find that dream position in the corporate world. I had to create it. 

So with just a small whisper of a belief that it just MIGHT be possible for me to start my own business, and live life on my own terms, I quit my stable corporate job. 


I had such little belief in myself that during my exit interview I even said to my boss, “if my business doesn’t work out within the next few months, will you take me back?” How sad!


Thankfully I quickly realized that listening to that small whisper within, and betting on myself, was (and still is) the absolute BEST decision I could have ever made.  


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